Receipt printer
  • 15 Jan 2023
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Receipt printer

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Plug in the Star receipt printer via USB

Pick up the receipt printer and plug it into a power outlet and start the printer.

Connect the included USB-A/Lightning cable to your receipt printer in the port labeled iPad. (iPad pro has USB-A/USB-C cable)

Connect the other part of the cable to your iPad.


Connect Star receipt printer via LAN

Pick up the receipt printer and plug it into a power outlet and start the printer.

Connect one end of the network cable to the receipt printer's port marked "LAN" and the other end to your network (router/switch)

The receipt printer is connected automatically, if you have several printers in the network, you must go in and select which printer you want to use.
You do this by:

  1. Press(Min butik)
  2. Receipt printer
  3. Click on the white box at the top Receipt printer
  4. Select the printer with the correct MAC address (See below)


Take out the Star receipt printer MAC address

  1. Turn off the receipt printer
  2. Press and hold b (Feed button)
  3. Press a (Power) to start the printer
  4. Release b when receipt starts printing
  5. Look at the receipt that is printed at the heading "Network Configuration" first line there you will find the MAC address of the printer

    MAC Addr(Printer) xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx


Connect receipt printer manually with IP address (printer with ESC POS support)

To be able to add a receipt printer to the cash register, you first need to ensure that the printer is connected to the same network as the cash register (eg via the same router). To obtain a receipt printer's IP address and port number, do the following:
  1. Turn off the receipt printer.
  2. Press and hold the FEED button
  3. Then turn on the receipt printer
  4. Hold down the FEED button until it prints a receipt containing the terminal's IP address and port number.

To connect the printer to your checkout, do the following steps:

  1. Press(My store)
  2. Press Receipt printer
  4. Press Add Receipt Printer Manually
  5. Enter a printer name, e.g. "receipt"
  6. Enter the printer's IP address
  7. Fill in the receipt printer port number
  8. Press Add

Connect kitchen printer

Kitchen printer/printer stations is created and administered from Backstage. Click here to access the guide

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