Product catalog
  • 15 Jan 2023
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Product catalog

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When you have logged into your store, all your products are available directly on the home page. You can filter the products based on the categories you specified in order to find the right product more quickly. To add a product to the cart, just click on it

Min startsida

Söka efter produkter

You can also find your products by click atsearch buttonlocated at the top center of the screen. You can search by product name, article number or the free text in the product description, and the search list is automatically updated as you type.

To add a product to the shopping cart, you just need to click on it in the search list.

sök efter artikel

Product information

If you want to see more information about a product, just tap on the product and hold your finger to bring up the product view. From the product view you can see/do this:

  • Go to change (price/name etc.)
  • Switch between Eat-in / Take-away
  • Customize the article with add-ons (if it is added to the product)
  • Read about the product if you added any description
  • See picture of the product
  • Add a note about the article. Ex. Divide the pizza and place it on two plates
  • Change the number of articles to be added to the cart
  • Add article to cart

Scan product

You can also add an item to your cart by scanning its barcode with the iPad camera. Click atscan buttonand then read the barcode. Then press "Add item to cart". You can scan several items one after the other and then add them all to the cart.

If you have an external scanner connected to the cash register, thescan buttonbutton disappears from the screen. When you scan an item with your scanner, they are added to the  cart immediately.

Change an article (price, name, description etc.)

Find the product at the cart, press and hold your finger on the product you want to change the price of. Then presschange buttonand make your changes and then press "Save".

Ex. a price change is made below

Add new article

You can create new products directly in the cash register, to do so do the following:

  1. Press(My Store)
  2. Press Product catalog
  3. Press Add new article
  4. Ange Aricle name, choose product group association and set a price (Other fields are not mandatory)
  5. Press Save
Tax is set by the product group you select (Group association).

Delete article

Find the product at the cash register, press and hold your finger on the product you want to delete. Then press thechange button, then click the ta bort button, and confirm by pressing Delete.

Reload/Synchronize product catalog

When the products is updated centrally, for example if a new product is added or if prices and item information are changed, will everything be updated automatically, without you having to do anything. The cash register updates the product catalog every two hours.

If you made a change to an existing article and want it to apply immediately, you need to synchronize the product catalog on your cash register. You do this by

  1. Press(My Store)
  2. Press Catalog
  3. Press Synchronize Product Catalog

If you have added a new article, product group, etc., you need to reload the entire product catalog. You do this by

  1. Press(My Store)
  2. Press Catalog
  3. Press Reload Product Catalog
  4. Press Reload to confirm. This may take a few minutes depending on how many articles you have in your product catalog.

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